[HELP] My comments no longer reach the “Top Comments” section

Written by  on April 1, 2018 

Hey all,

One way we advertise our YouTube channel, is by creating sharp, witty, on topic responses to bigger videos to us. The more we made people laugh, the more likely people clicked on our channel & checked our content.

This made us grow exponentially. Gaining roughly 800 subscribers a month (We are still a small channel). However, since two days ago, I have noticed that no matter how many upvotes we get in the comment section, we can never reach the top comments page. People can still…

[HELP] My comments no longer reach the "Top Comments" section ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/help-my-comments-no-longer-reach-the-top-comments-section.1017290/)

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