Sam Brenner

Sam Brenner

Google my business verification

Written by  on June 15, 2018

Google shopping anyone?

Written by  on May 4, 2018

Hey guys, I'm about to try Google shopping for my ecommerce stores. Previously I used the text ads and they worked fine. What are your views on shopping ads. Any better?

Are the ad estimate clicks true?

Written by  on May 1, 2018

I just hopped on to my adwords campaign and it shows me 570 clicks for 40$. Do you ever get close to the estimate given by Adwords?

Any method to calculate the cost of ranking of a keyword?

Written by  on April 21, 2018

And yes, it's supposed to be done the blackhat way. Any way to calculate how much time and $$$ would it take to rank a keyword with 100k monthly searches and 52/100 difficulty? I think there is one.

How many hours a day do you hustle?

Written by  on April 17, 2018

Since I have been offered a job for 8$/hr. That's okay for a 14 year old like me but I'm thinking of working 10 hours a day to get some meaningful income for the months. Want to know how much do you entrepreneurs hustle a day? Waiting for your responses.:)

A quick 2$ for an easy task

Written by  on April 16, 2018

So guys I have around 22$ in my cpalead account. I want the money urgently as I'm nearly broke and need to invest in my business. So I'm looking for a reputable member on this forum who has a no hold Paypal or payoneer account and has bitcoins worth 20$ with him. I'll enter your Paypal or payoneer address and they'll send the payment to you. You can take 2$ from 22$ and send me 20$ through btc. As easy as it looks. Thanks.

Adwords ban

Written by  on March 20, 2018

Hey guys, i have an ecommerce store for which i'm looking forward to advertise on google adwords. And i recently found a vendor on bhw selling cheap loaded adwords accounts. But in the instructions he has stated to use a unique domain for each account. But how will i afford to get a new domain each time for my store? Even if i will, would not look good. And it would drastically decrease the click-through rates too. Please suggest me a solution. Thanks.