Instagram Money?

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Instagram captions

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Automatic -> Manual

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Which Bot?

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Need help starting

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This Is My Plan – Feedback/Advice?

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What is the most reasonable and reliable source for around 3 proxies?

All sources are expensive per 1 proxy or require to buy in 10's?

GMT2 Pricing

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I am about to purchase GMT2, on their website if I say I am from the UK I will get charged $12 if I say from the US I will be charged $10, therefore I am going to say I am from the US but I am really from UK, will this impact anything?

Any estimations?

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I considering buying a VPS + IG proxies + GramMultiTool. (£16 per month) To begin with I am only going to run a couple of accounts in the gaming and tech niche so I can get use to how it all works.

What growth shall I be expecting with it being 95% automated (everything apart from me telling it what to post and when)? How many followers will i get per month initially and therefore after?