I know Viral

I know Viral

Exams are coming. Wish me luck!

Written by  on May 18, 2018

Exams are coming and I didn't prepared well as I spent all my time in IM. I hope I will do well.
Wish me luck ♡ :)

Ramadan Kareem to all BHW members ♡

Written by  on May 16, 2018
Happy Ramadan to all BHW members ♡

Ps: for people who are not muslims and don't know about ramadan it's a big celeration with a nice goal, it's to maintain peace and love between people and to feel how people in need are feeling… You can do your own research.

I have access to high DA sites and I can put Do follow links homepage to my site/Can I rank with it?

Written by  on May 4, 2018

The title said all! I can get homepage links do follow from high DA sites (DA+30) is this enough to rank for medium difficulty keywords or should I build a pbn…

I wan’t to meet new IM friends

Written by  on May 1, 2018


I'm trying to developp myself this days in all the parts of my life (Health&Fitness, Relationships, Finance, Time, Business, Emotions…) And one of the parts of my life I saw it needs improvement it's my relationships.

I do not have any friends who have same interests as me (IM, calisthenics…).

And the majority of mine are just people who wanna waste some time going out and shit…

So I'm trying to find new friends here on BHW as I feel this is my family! PM me if you are…

I wan't to meet new IM friends ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/i-want-to-meet-new-im-friends.1026592/)

Can I reach 1K/day with Blogger+SEO?

Written by  on April 24, 2018


I started a blogger blog 1year ago, the blog is now old and have a .com domain + backlinks to it + very fast pages + premium good template…

I want to invest in this Blogger blog to rank it for thousands of keywords and I'll monetise it with Adsense.

My question it's can I rank well with Blogger and it worth the investement?
I wan't to work with Blogger as I'm familiar with it more than WP and this blogger is already good one.

So should I start with it?

How much a guess post in .gov with high DA can cost?

Written by  on April 22, 2018


I wan't to sell a new service in Fiverr, Seoclerks… it's to sell guest post in .gov sites.
I really don't have any idea about the price? I see some guys there sell .gov/.edu links for 5$ but they do just links by creating profiles and the majority of them are no-follow.

So how much should I do for guest post?

If I got my Google Play account closed I’ll still earn from the installs or not?

Written by  on April 13, 2018

I know a lot of people everyday complaining about closing there Google Play accounts.

But if K make a game and it get 10000 install. And the users play it everyday.

So it don't matter if they close the account right?

Why not to start a big partnership with many BHW marketers and we split the earnings for all?

Written by  on April 9, 2018


I was thinking for long time in a big idea, it's to create a big group of advanced people in IM and to make a partnership, everyone give his ideas or plans. And finally working in a plan where everyone do what he's good at it.
And they split the earnings.

So what do u think guys? Is there can be possible? If u think it can work, let's see the next big one!

Why not to make a new section in BHW where is seperate groups and every IMer can join a group and start working with them and…

Why not to start a big partnership with many BHW marketers and we split the earnings for all? ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/why-not-to-start-a-big-partnership-with-many-bhw-marketers-and-we-split-the-earnings-for-all.1021402/)

If I can inbox millions email’s (non-targeted) what should I promote?

Written by  on April 9, 2018

If I have a method to inbox unltimited emails and I can scrape emails from some SQL injected sites, what should I promote to them?

I found tons of GOLDEN nugget KW’s dominated but someone. How to rank for them fast with 1DA new te?

Written by  on April 1, 2018


When I was doing my KW's research this morning, I found a competitor..

I was like:"Hmmm, this nuche looks good. Let's if his ranked for any KW" And the surprise was that he's for some GOLD keywords!!!

Example: There is a keyword that have about 100 monthly search and there is just 11 result in Google for it. The 1st is this site and the other are some related sites that use alternative for those KW.

I want to dominate this niche with my new website but it's a brand new website…

I found tons of GOLDEN nugget KW's dominated but someone. How to rank for them fast with 1DA new te? ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/i-found-tons-of-golden-nugget-kws-dominated-but-someone-how-to-rank-for-them-fast-with-1da-new-te.1019353/)