Can you outrank competition with lengthier content

Written by  on May 22, 2018

I am trying to outrank some sites for an affiliate term. They have 5,000 – 8,000 word articles that nobody will ever read. My article is only 3,000 words. Should I push up my content length to match theirs, or can I outrank them now already? 8,000 words for a review site seems like overkill to me.

how to advertise JUST on bing only?

Written by  on May 17, 2018

I set up a campaign with bing ads and noticed in my website traffic that I'm getting visitors from ^( and . How do i set it up in settings that I only get traffic strictly from Bing search & yahoo and not their partners? I couldn't find it anywhere in settings.

[Local SEO] ranking in multiple cities with single page

Written by  on May 12, 2018

i see that most people rank a different page for each different city for the same business. For example they have one page for "plumbers los angeles" and another page for "plumbers santa monica"

This seems like way more work in terms of content and link-building. How difficult would it be to rank in the local results for multiple cities with just the homepage? (if you have only one location). And why would you build multiple pages?

CPA marketing and “deceptive” advertising

Written by  on April 10, 2018

I see in a lot of terms and conditions on CPA networks like peerfly and maxbounty, that "deceptive" advertisers are subject to having their accounts terminated..

What does this mean? I can't use fake articles and fake news stories to promote these products? Are any of you doing it? I thought a lot of people are doing this and having success with it…

Anyone here promoting Weight loss offers with Bing?

Written by  on April 2, 2018

Do any of you promote weight loss affiliate offers with bing? I was doing it for a long time before, but in the past month or two they are banning every account when I start a campaign and use keywords like "diet" "weight loss" or "fat". Anyone else experiencing this? Also noticing the same thing with niches like "hairloss".

What are these called and how can I have them on my WordPress site?

Written by  on March 31, 2018

[​IMG] ^(

You can see it live here: ^(

Noob question. Basically those little icons that give a small description of what a business provides. Is there a plugin for wordpress for this? I would Google it but I have no idea what these things are called. I'm using the theme "BeTheme".

Any risk to having all money sites under same Gmail?

Written by  on March 27, 2018

is there any risk to having all your money sites with the same Whois info and under the same Gmail account? (Analytics, search console) I'm not planning on crossing any links from the same PBN's to the money sites, by the way.

My concern is more about putting yourself on their radar as someone who actively does SEO. Do any of you do it ?

How much does website size and age matter in ranking?

Written by  on March 25, 2018

I have built a local service website and I am trying to rank it for "service city" My off/on page SEO is significantly better than those on the first page, but I am not close and the only two things I can think of are that my site only has 9 pages indexed in Google, and it was created in November 2017 (approximately 4 months old). Just wanted to ask if these are big factors or not in local SEO? I also did not register the business with Google mybusiness or Google maps.

does CTR really affect ranking?

Written by  on March 18, 2018

To those who have experience with CTR changes in their own sites, has it affected your rankings at all? There are some people who say that it doesn't affect rankings at all and others who swear it's a big ranking factor. Even major sources like Search Engine Land have said that CTR does not affect rankings, or it does so inconsistently.

So to those who have actually seen it with their own eyes, does an increased CTR help your rankings? Or is it "seo guru" fluff?