Tools Other Than Yoast SEO

Written by  on July 29, 2018

Blogging with a Funky Grammarly

Written by  on May 14, 2018

Is it just me or Grammarly is acting weird lately?

I have a paid account. Since Monday, it has been acting really strange. Every time I proofread, it would show two lines of the same recommendation. It would then require me to correct or ignore both. At times, I would attempt to click on an error but it would "dissolve" like pffft. Gone.

I use the Grammarly Chrome extension because it's easier. Are you experiencing the same thing?

FREE Keyword Research: 10 Main Keywords with 5 Long-tailed Keywords Each

Written by  on May 11, 2018

It's time to pay it forward to this community that has helped us grow our digital marketing business for the past years.

Giveaway: 10 main keywords + 5 long-tailed keywords each main keyword


  • You must be a Jr. VIP member.
  • You must not be a marketplace seller that offers the same services that we offer inside and outside BHW.
  • No pharma and adult-oriented niches will be accepted.
  • One request per member only.


FREE Keyword Research: 10 Main Keywords with 5 Long-tailed Keywords Each ^(

Free Keyword Research Exclusive to Jr. VIP Members

Written by  on May 10, 2018

It's time to give back to this community.

Who here wants a free keyword research?
Get 10 main keywords with 5 long-tailed keywords each.

First come, first served.
We will only process 5 to 10 requests per day.
Fill out this form ^( for us to know better what we should research for you.

*This gift is valid for as long as the online form is accessible. :)

What are your struggles in getting your site listed on Google News?

Written by  on May 1, 2018

I've been managing Google News websites for a while already. I've seen how it has become more challenging to get your site listed on Google News than how it was two to three years ago.

I do not know everything about Google News but I might be able to help. Feel free to post all your Google News-related questions below.

I'll answer based on my first-hand experience. I'll let you know if I don't know the answer.

5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers

Written by  on April 29, 2018

Recently, I've noticed an increase in HAF posts looking for cryptocurrency writers (SEO articles, rewrites, or news articles). Sometimes, BHW members are having a hard time deciding who they should hire. So I've decided to write a "neutral and informative post" that can help you filter your list of writers.

Cryptocurrency trading is on the rise. Have you been blogging about bitcoin? Are crypto articles one of your most viewed articles on your news Google News-approved website?


5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers ^(

Help: LinkedIn Followers

Written by  on April 3, 2018

I just recently created an account in LinkedIn and I only have a few followers. What's the easiest way to have more followers and eventually guide them to my website?

I appreciate your response.


How’s Your Reach After 2 Weeks?

Written by  on March 18, 2018

As some of you may have noticed, I have been observing Facebook's behavior for quite some time now. Two weeks have passed, how's it going on your end?

With my pages? They are on semi-hiatus/ stealth mode status. Nothing significant with the reach. In fact, it is still at a low rate but far from zero, thank goodness. There are more activities and exposure now, unlike a month ago. However, it is still not what we all want.

I am waiting for Mark's announcement anytime soon, but I might not be…

How's Your Reach After 2 Weeks? ^(