new website

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hi guys that is my first thread anyway i have site that publish images using wordpress
i started it 10 days ago the visitors its little what i hope it
i need advises to make more visitors
thanks advanced

[Journey] My first Journey (10-50€ month)

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Hi, this is my first journey here on BHW, I did a lot of blogs but all of them failed, I don't know why. I did the things correctly, but I didn't the best results. Yes I see some results but not the enough! I want grow higher than before!

What will be my blog?

My blog will be about tips niche about fashion, health, travel (general blog) i'll be focusing on create quality content than quantity content, you don't see updates all days. I'll try to do my best creating creative, and quality…

[Journey] My first Journey (10-50€ month) ^(

Will a .us domain be alright for an Amazon affiliate site?

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Just as the title says…
If I use a .us domain, will it have any SEO disadvantages?
Thanks in advance..

Backlinks price. Is it normal?

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There are some link building service, that provides natural links on trusted high traffic and relevant forums.
Links posted with authority and old forum accounts, only in fresh and popular threads.
As usual, links are 50/50 do follow-nofollow
To conclude, service is good, but the price for that is 7$ per 1 post with a backlink if order minimum package. Guarantee given – 2 months free replace if the link will be deleted.
As for me, it's a little bit expensive, but I didn't find any other…

Backlinks price. Is it normal? ^(


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I've been reading this forum silently for over a month now and I guess it's time to say hello to everyone here. :) My main focus is on-page and off-page SEO and all your guides are so much useful!
I'm glad to be a part of this awesome community and also want to thank you all in advance because I learned a lot just from reading in silence. :D Who knows what will happen if I stop stalking and start talking to you guys. ;)

██ HIGH QUALITY ██ Money site / PBN /T1 articles ★ Only $1/piece ► FREE Review Copy For Everyone ★★★

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I'll keep this short & sweet in FAQ style as everything is pretty much self explanatory. :)

►What are you selling?
400-600+ word articles

I'm selling pre-written articles that are 400+ words in length, some even up to 2000 words or so, but consider that their average word count is about 400-600 words as minimum.

►Hey, but where did you get them?

██ HIGH QUALITY ██ Money site / PBN /T1 articles ★ Only $1/piece ► FREE Review Copy For Everyone ★★★ ^(

Buy Quora Answers From Reputed Seller( Traffic Guaranteed)

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[​IMG] ^(

Redirect non www to www

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I like to know which code I have to add to my htacces to redirect my domain from non www to www. SSL is already active.


htt ps:// gunter. com to htt ps:// www. gunter. com

Thanks in advance

About Porn Re-upload i do need some tips and share experience

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I Start Porn upload method from adrian. From July i uploaded around 500 video.. on xvideo.

and learning process all from BHW , i really appreciate it , but video view really depend on key-word

. video content , i just want to know how do i scale this up . i do need some tips and discussion.

One more Key tips : You may see XVIDEO at main page choose country and you could see trending on Xvideo, Some times i alter title base on trending.

i'm not native so please miss my…

About Porn Re-upload i do need some tips and share experience ^(