Looking to buy Fiverr reviews

Written by  on April 23, 2018

I have a gig on Fiverr and I am looking for 5-10 reviews on it. Will pay $1 extra per review. which mounts to $6.5 via paypal. Level 2 Accounts preferred.

Please PM me or post on the thread if interested.

(I just copied/pasted an existing thread because I need the same thing)

Helpful Proxie Tool For Sorting IPS

Written by  on April 23, 2018

this tool – ive had it about 12 yrs – but old doesnt mean useless
and heres a simple use for all you port scanner people. first off the tool


for this tip we will be using the option called
[ remove combo which contains chars ]

so lets say you have a list of proxies on multiple ports but want to save
only specific proxies on a certain port number only. hears what you do

1 – lets say we have a list of proxies and want to save proxies only…

Helpful Proxie Tool For Sorting IPS ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/helpful-proxie-tool-for-sorting-ips.658935/)

I will find videos in any niche that are getting tons of traffic that you can steal..

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Hello All,

I have created a bot to find videos in youtube in any niche that are getting tons of traffic that you can steal ( Pure whitehat method)

I want to test my tool with you all..

The overall strategy behind my tool consists of us finding videos that people uploaded to YouTube and completely forgot about. But the real trick comes in when we find videos that people uploaded, added a link to their site in the description area AND then completely forgot about.

This is…

I will find videos in any niche that are getting tons of traffic that you can steal.. ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/i-will-find-videos-in-any-niche-that-are-getting-tons-of-traffic-that-you-can-steal.1024499/)

Ethereum Going Up

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I have been mining Ether since summer, but difficulty has increased so fast that the results were pretty sad. But now the Ethereum is going up in price. So slowly maybe my mining project is starting to pay back for itself.

Ethereum is at $473 right now. Is anyone else mining or invested into Ether?

Facebook…. grrr, ideas???

Written by  on April 23, 2018

Can anyone offer some advice with Ads for Facebook and how they constantly won’t approve any of our ad memes?

Are they not allowing the ads because of the site content? After we tried to get the first ad approved we noticed about 30+ bots from Facebook crawling the site.

Site: https://www.mynaughtylittlesecret.com ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://www.mynaughtylittlesecret.com/)

Example Ad for men: https://gyazo.com/634bbf77e8ac466bb072f37864d1d983 ^(http://i-marathi.com/goto/https://gyazo.com/634bbf77e8ac466bb072f37864d1d983)

Should we just forget about Facebook and Ad-words/Bing ads our way forward?


wechat account needed !

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Anyone who have wechat accounts, please ping me .

I want to learn SEO for Beginner

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Who Have courses for sale or share?

Website attracting no organic traffic after 7 months

Written by  on April 23, 2018

What am I doing wrong?

I have spent alot of time on my SEO for my shopify store and I am still not getting any traffic not even for low competition long tail keywords.

Can I get some help?

Thanks for the warm welcome

Written by  on April 23, 2018

I am a newbie to almost everything in here and I am thankful in advance that I got here and i know that I learn a lot from the experts. Looking forward to share my knowledge in the future.

Proxy for registration on LinkedIn

Written by  on April 23, 2018

Any suggestions? I've used already some of the popular proxies and I am still getting unlimited captcha from registration process (trap into captcha loop). Any ideas why?